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Our Stocks include:

Handmade Brick Pavers 4" wide x 8.5" long. Light terracotta colour, suitable for internal or external use. Very dense giving excellent frost resistance. We also have soft 2" bricks of a more rustic appearance, suitable for internal use.


Yorkstone Setts Typically 6"-8" square with a well worn surface. Some people find these ideal for constructing stone walling.


York Stone Flagstones These are a soft grey colour, 2"-4" thick, with a nicely worn surface


Granite Setts (cobbles) Randomly sized


Terracotta Floor Tiles 3"-9" Square with a pleasingly worn surface (see Flooring).


Beneath are a few samples of the diverse range of paving materials that we have in stock

Paving11a.jpg (281203 bytes)

Cobbles005.jpg (185598 bytes)

Brick Pavers provide an ideal surface 
for a cartdhed garage floor

Yorkstone Setts with a brick drainage 
channel, laid as courtyard paving

Paving13a.jpg (280787 bytes)

Paving14a.jpg (301388 bytes)

Yorkstone Paving Yorkstone Paving

Paving12.jpg (73776 bytes)

Paving5.jpg (72013 bytes)

Yorkstone Paving Slabs
Reclaimed Paving Slabs

Laying Paving
Laying Yorkstone Setts



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